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StencilsAndDecals.com . . . we've got a STYLE for you!

As Heart of the Home Stencils, we introduced our first collection of designer stencils for Kids Rooms in 1998 . . . stencils4u.com.  Today our signature stencil line has been reStyled and expanded to include insant art vinyl wall decals. Decals are designs that stick. Even better news - if you prefer paint, most DECAL designs are available as one-time use vinyl stencils.  The beauty of decals and vinyl stencils is that they are custom made just for you. Personalizing everything is hot and you just can't do it with a traditional stencil.  Vinyl Stencils and Decals are made to order.  A one time use vinyl stencil is the perfect way to stencil the baby nursery with a wall monogram.  Want to decorate the nursery or kids room with a personalized name and initial but without the muss and fuss of paint, apply a vinyl decal. Museum quality indoor matte vinyl is the secret!  So delicate, only you will know it wasn't hand painted.  

Stencils and Decals are simply the best way to give your home a fresh, fabulous, & personalized new look.


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