Faux Brick – A New Look

June 16th, 2011

This post was originally to be  “One Stencil – Two Looks” and  I’ll get to that, but what happened today changed the whole course of my post. 

My Arhaus Furniture catalog arrived in the mail this afternoon and I took a moment to just sit down and dream.  I love the furniture and their room settings.   The brick wall in this particular picture caught my eye because . . . .

Faux Brick Wall

last week I received an e-mail from Valerie Selkirk who just purchased our faux brick stencil.  When I say just, I mean just . . . the stencil was no sooner out the door when her fab photo was in my mailbox.  She used the stencil to create a faux brick wall in her powder room.  Having lived near Georgetown (Washington, DC) I know that interior brick walls have a real charm and are a highly sought after feature.  Using the stencil and a little bit of paint Valerie created the illusion of a brick wall.  Compare her faux brick wall to the Arhaus picture.  Valerie’s faux brick is spectacular, so realistic.  If you always wanted an interior brick wall and weren’t lucky enough to get one . . . . no worries . . . . . paint one with our Faux Brick Stencil.  It’s that easy.  Great job Valerie, and I love “the look” of old world mixed with modern fixtures.  Thanks for sharing.

Our Faux Brick Stencil  is so versatile, a faux brick wall, exposed brick, or  . . . . from our photo file, we found a picture where a painting contractor used the stencil to create a faux brick column, part of a garden mural at Prestige Landscape in Chesterfield, Missouri.

If the real thing is pricey or just not practical, think faux.  Faux fur – yep!  Faux brick – yep!  Faux sun –  I’ve been known to do that too!  

Hoping this helps you to be Inspired and get everything you want, even if it’s faux!

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