Stenciled Elegance

January 17th, 2011

Once upon a time, I had a retail stencil shop in Chesterfield, Missouri which gave me the opportunity to meet so many talented people.  Partners -n- Paint was a partnership of great girls, who truly are decorative painting pro’s.  They had two favorite Heart of the Home stencils that they purchased over, and over, and over, again. They would tell me they used them so much, they just wore them out.  Here’s an example of the stencils shown decorating the walls of  a St. Louis area interior design showroom. 

Rococo Panel A #1650 and Rococo Panel B #1651 were stacked to create a kind of damask stripe on the wall.  The walls were faux finished and then stenciled with glaze rather than paint for a softer look.  They then removed the stencil and highlighted the edges on one side using a mixture of paint and glaze applied with an artist brush. Now get out the hot glue gun and bling it up!  They finished by embellishing the design with jewels purchased at a local craft store.

We are so lucky to live in a world of convenience.  In the old days, if you were out & about and saw inspiration, you had to either carve the image into your memory bank or run home, get your camera and go back.  Today we just hold up our phone and click.  Image captured.  With a picture, I share!   Hopefully, I “Inspire!”

A special thank you to Melodie Shocklee and Dawn Hoeber of Partners -n- Paint for making Heart of the Home Stencils look so elegant and beautiful.

I see the moon . . . Baby Nursery

January 16th, 2011

One morning, a few years back a customer called our studio with a question.  She asked if stencil #1735 I See the Moon would make a good border.


Hhhhmmm, now the way the stencil is cut, the way I envisioned it to be used is as a focal point above a crib or dresser.  Personally, I thought the letters rather small for using as a border and I shared my honest opinion.   The debate went on . . . . . I couldn’t change her mind and you know, the customer’s always right, right?  I told her that when she was done, to please send a picture, I’d love to see the finished room. 

A month or so later, a photo arrived.  WOW!  The customer, Cindy Villa was RIGHT! Here’s her Nursery Project. 

What a great way to make small letters look larger.   She taped out what looks to be a 6+ inch border, painted it dark blue then cut the stencil apart and placed the poem in the painted area scattering random stars in both the border and on the wall.  A ribbon border similar to #1719 Squiggle Border was used to edge both sides of the painted section and #1731 Hanging Star completes the theme.

We were so impressed we included Cindy’s photo as an “Inspire” idea in our print catalog for years and now we are adding it to our blog.  It’s one of those timeless themes that’s just perfect for a decorating a baby nursery.

You’re invited to be a part of our blog

January 10th, 2011




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Inspire is all about sharing your artful life using stencils and decals.  We want to share stories and showcase the creative things that our friends all around the world are doing with paint and stickers.  There are five senses, but I am very visual.  I just need to see it!  Show Me!  I’m inspired!  I just love, love, love to see what others are doing.  I could get lost on the internet all day long (somedays I do) just surfing google images. 

This is an open invitation . . .  if you enjoy decorating your home . . . . . . or you “WOW” your friends with your artful creations and just wanna brag then share it with us.  We would love to feature your walls, projects, or work of art on our blog “Inspire!”  Send us the fab photo(s) and with your permission, we will treat you to a small gift and what’s even more fun, we will make you iFamous!!! 

Then we’ll all have something to tweet about!