Construction Zone Mural

January 14th, 2011

No Worries – Paint a Mural!

If you’ve been thinking about trying you hand at mural painting there is no better place to begin than a child’s room.  These pictures should “Inspire” you.  It couldn’t be simpler than this “Construction Zone” mural by Nancie Chopp. You can be an artist too when you use stencils!   A kids room makes the perfect canvas.  Kids won’t care if you make a little boo boo here or there, they will absolutely love your work of art! 

 Nancie used the elements of #1707 John Casey’s Road Construction.  We’ve added a set of registration marks for each of the vehicles so you can cut the stencil apart and use each truck as an individual element rather than a repeating border. 

The mounds of dirt are easy to create.  Buy a roll of kraft paper or recycle brown paper grocery bags.  They work great.  Draw various mound shapes both big and small and cut them out. Next, use a large stencil brush and brown paint to create dirt.  Let’s begin by using a shield.  Take the reverse side of the mound shape and tape it to the wall.  This paper will protect the surface where you don’t want paint.  In the area below the shield you will make dirt.  Load your brush with brown paint and be sure to off-load the brush so it’s very, very dry.  Sweep across the wall to apply paint. 

Once the wall is lightly covered with brown go back in and use a pouncing motion to create texture.  Pounce a slightly darker shade of brown to give it depth.   Finish by shading along the edge of the brown paper bag.  Hold various shield shapes to the wall and shade along their edges to create the hills.  Just remember that what is behind (farthest away) will be darker and what is closest will be the lightest.  And don’t forget the cheat sheet . . . . . print Nancie’s mural picture to use as an example.

Now wait . . . Nancie wasn’t done yet!  We said mural!  She also used stencil #1706 Construction Worker to complete the scene.   This is another one of those timeless themes for decorating a little boys room.  Little boys love, trucks, and dirt and all things construction.  And what a great use of wall space.


Pro Tip:  The construction worker is proportionately larger than the construction vehicles.  If you use both stencils on the same wall make sure to place the construction worker in front of the trucks, making the trucks in the foreground.  Same if you are using both elements as a border.  Place the construction worker a bit lower than chair rail height then have the border of trucks running at about his shoulder (chair rail height.)  This way, the trucks appear to be in the distance and sized appropriately.